Gratitude to Pareewartann Family

It's time to express my gratitude for the great friendships I have had here at Pareewartann over the past years. As some of you know, I withdraw today and plan to move to further in my life with new endeavours.

I am aware that we are considering nine candidates for the next executive committee, and I feel good about them. Each has an abundance of experience, and all are friendly co-workers. I feel good that my executive committee and I are leaving our work in their capable hands. Leaving will not be entirely comfortable. I have genuinely loved working with our great organisation. Please remember us at the fun times and feel welcome to ask for any help in future.

After three years in the channel, I withdraw from Pareewartann Charitable Trust on March 31. It has been rewarding and discouraging, carefree and tense, delightful and hateful. I have loved my work and co-workers and will miss each of you dearly.

When we started on this journey we did so with an abiding faith in the people and their ability, our ability, to join and change the society in ways that would make life better for youth, that change didn't happen from the top-down, but it happened from the bottom-up.

It was sometimes proposed with doubt; some folks didn't think we could pull it off. There were those who felt that the institutions of power and privilege in this country were too deeply rooted and yet, all of you came together and a whole bunch of you young, and you decided to believe. And you knocked on doors for campaigning, and you made phone calls, and you talked to many people who didn't know how to spell Pareewartann. And you got to know each other, and you went into areas which maybe you never thought about visiting. You met people who are on the surface seemed entirely different than you; they didn't look alike, didn’t talk alike, or watch the same programs as you, and yet once you started talking, it turned out that you had something in general. It grew, and it built. And people received the reports and throughout, a sense of hope inspired it.

As I said at the beginning in April 2014, it wasn't blind faith that drove you, to do all this work, though it was naivety, it wasn't willful ignorance to all the challenges that our society experiences. It was in hope in difficult times, hope in the face of uncertainty. You proved the power of faith.

Our self-governance is not the building. It's not the monument. It's you. Being enthusiastic to work to make things better and being ready to listen to each other, and argue with each other, and come together and treat people with respect.

And that doesn’t end; this is just a little pit stop. It is not a period; it is a comma in the continuing story of building our society for the techno-economic growth of rural areas, to enable and empower rural areas with eco-sustainable science & technology based work plan for the techno-economic extension.

So to all of you that have put your heart and soul, not just into our campaigns, but into making things better and making sure that hard-working people had a ladder of opportunity and could support the societies. For all of you who have just done incredible, exceptional work, most of it without unsung, most of it without fanfare, most of it without you getting any word of gratitude.

We could not be prouder of you enough. I could not be gratified more. It has been the entitlement of my life. And I can’t wait to see what you (volunteers) do upcoming. I assure you; I’ll be firmly there with you.

God bless you all. Thank you, everybody.

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