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Aarogya Nidaan is one of the awareness programs of Pareewartann Charitable Trust - Rajkot. The basic aim of this campaign is to aware the people about the causes of various diseases along with the remedies which can be the alternative solution for the illness without any inflammatory effects.


Aarogya Nidaan is all about the implementation of a healthy lifestyle and to assure the healthy future of the generation to come. Currently, under this awareness program, the organisation focuses on the most common disease which is affecting more 77 million Indians. Diabetes it is! Indians are suffering from diabetes, and they are out of enough information which can help them to pause diabetes.


Diabetes doesn't just happen; it is the direct result of a breakdown inside your body. Diabetes touches almost every part of your life. It’s a serious, lifelong condition, but there’s a lot you can do to protect your health. You can take charge of your health—not only for today but for the coming years. A diabetes-free tomorrow is the vision of Pareewartann Charitable Trust - Rajkot. I share the same vision on this website, and I firmly believe in the awareness about health care through health education.

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